13 December, 2018

Milk substitutes in baking

Because of allergies, unavailability or simply dietary reasons, the following milk ‎substitutes in baking will definitely allow you to bake your favorite treats without ‎sacrificing texture or flavor.‎


Create your own version of milk if you’re running out of it. Dilute cream with some ‎water and add the mixture to your cake batter as you whisk it in Masterchef pro ‎kitchen machine. ‎


In addition to using it as a main ingredient in recipes such as this delicious yogurt ‎cake, yogurt can replace milk when you’re preparing most baking recipes. But since ‎its hard texture can affect the density of the final result, you might want to dilute it in ‎water before you add it to the batter for a more liquid consistency.‎

Plant based milk

If you’re allergic to milk or simply for dietary reasons, you can substitute it for plant ‎based milk. The variations include soy milk, almond milk, oat milk and rice milk. ‎Choose your favorite and head to the kitchen to start baking!‎

Water with melted butter

In some recipes that require small quantities of milk such as barazek and cinnamon ‎rolls, you can use a mixture of water and melted butter. It’s also the case when ‎preparing shortcrust pastry or chocolate chip cookies. And you can be sure that no ‎one will know the difference because it won’t affect the texture nor the flavors!‎