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Moulinex helps you discover the joy of cooking and trying out new recipes. Cooking becomes simple with the efficient appliances that are user-friendly and well-adapted to your modern life.

Moulinex is constantly inventing and innovating in order to create products suitable to every aspect of your daily life. Our mission is to make your life simpler and more enjoyable by creating innovative products and services that make everyday chores more pleasant, harmonious and fulfilling.

With Moulinex, cooking becomes easy!
Moulinex is a brand name of Groupe SEB


Every year, SEB Group launches more than 250 new products.

This innovation rate is made possible thanks to our Research and Development teams but also to our "open innovation" approach. Go to our special website if you wish to join this community.

The SEB Group

Discover Seb Group, world leader in small domestic appliances.

Active in nearly 150 countries, SEB Group has become a market leader on all continents thanks to its wide and highly diverse range of product and its outstanding portfolio of brand names.