Powerful & precise for baking enthusiasts! With blender, meat mincer, mini-chopper and juice extractor

Masterchef Pro has been especially designed For those who don’t want to pack their kitchen machine away in the back of cupboard but stick produdly to their work schedule. With its chic metal finish, it readily meets all your orders. It's stylish look doesnt detract the fact that hidden beneath its sturdy hood is all the power you'll need to achieve your creations. A 1300W motor which enables you to effortlessly knead around 1.6 Kilos of dough thanks to its power and XXL bowl.

Reference : QA701H27

Give free reign to your creativity!

What would our lives be without cake making? I think back to all these recollections, the kitchen smells that hark back to my tender childhood: mum's famous chocolate mousse, grandmother's yoghurt cake recipe and all these amazing moments spent around the table. Cake making is like a machine that takes you back in time. I remember sticking my finger in the dough, and licking the cooking utensils. I feel like making tarts, mousses or chocolate cake for my children, my friends....for all these reasons. It's not because I use my Masterchef Gourmet on a daily basis that my cake making isn't exceptional! No weekend, no day should end without home made cakes.

What magic seeing the emotions stirred by my cakes. It's truly magical to be able to give free reign to one's creativity! I finally have on hand a machine designed especially for cake making that I can use every day. All these successes allow me to go the extra mile when it comes to my home made creations: chocolate mousse, cookies, macaroons, fruit tarts, home-made pizzas...It's amazing all the things one can do with this machine.   For those who want that little bit extra! At last a kitchen machine to take you further Masterchef Gourmet + has been especially designed for people like me, those who love making cakes and want to excel.

For those who don't want to tidy their kitchen machine away in the back of a cupboard, but stick proudly to their work schedule. Always at hand to help you in your passion for cake making. With its chic 100% metal housing and 4.6 litre capacity super mirror finish glossy bowl, Masterchef Gourmet + meets all your orders. Its stylish look doesn't detract from the fact that beneath its sturdy hood you'll find all the power you need to achieve your inspirations.

A 900w motor enables you to knead your cake doughs effortlessly. The kitchen machine doesn't shake when it comes to mixing cake mix or bread dough. You have the creativity, it has the power. This processor is harnessed to your creativity. Have fun + do better Tefal understands you: you need a kitchen machine that lets you give free reign to your creativity. A kitchen machine that can let you experiment and create new and ever more sophisticated recipes. Masterchef Gourmet + lets you develop your culinary skills. It's amazing what you can do with this kitchen machine. Thanks to its unique whisk, cake making is simplicity itself. Effortlessly, Masterchef Gourmet + creates egg whites that are ultra fluffy, ultra airy and ultra good! Patented by Tefal, it uses the planetary movement and boasts Flex Whisk technology which combines stainless steel and plastic to give a greater whisk.

That ensures that all the ingredients in your preparation are well mixed, without losing a single drop. This innovative feature allows, for example, to beat egg whites from one single egg white! Go further The sky is the limit with this new Masterchef Gourmet +. It's an expert at cake making. With its 4.6 litre bowl, three accessories and the countless possibilities available with Masterchef Gourmet +, there's no limit when it comes to creating and improving your art. Whisking, kneading, mixing... Masterchef Gourmet + comes with three other complementary power tool attachments. Three good reasons to make cake making a daily activity. Each accessory has its recipes. The whisk for the egg whites, chocolate mousse, whipped cream...; the dough hook for bread/pizza dough, pie dough...; the beater for cake mix, cupcakes....The reliability of these three accessories guarantees a successful outcome every time. They will help you to excel and encourage you to go much further in your culinary experiences and create even more new recipes. The sky is the limit. If cake making is a daily task, that doesn't make it any the less exceptional.

Technical specifications / comparison

Recipe book    
Pulse function    
Die cast metal    
Bowl material Polished stainless steel  
Blender Yes  
Blender Bowl material Brushed stainless steel  
Beater Heavy Duty  
Dough Hook Metal  
Whisk Yes  
Meat mincer    
Juice extractor    
Mini chopper    




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A Kitchen Machine works differently from a Food Processor as the tools used for mixing are suspended from an overhead arm into the food, whereas with a Food Processor, the mixing tools operate from underneath the ingredients. A Kitchen Machine is primarily for mixing dough and cake mixtures. A Food Processor can do these jobs but not with the efficiency of a kitchen machine. If you are planning on making cakes you should consider how much you will be doing this job. If it is going to be a common occurrence then a Kitchen Machine would be a better choice. It is worth taking note of the fact that a Food Processor is far smaller than a Kitchen Machine.
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