19 October, 2018

‎‎‎‎‎Have you been using your kitchen machine attachments wrong?‎

No appliance in the kitchen can make you feel like a professional chef such as a kitchen machine. ‎In fact, you can use it almost daily to prepare anything from simple mashed potatoes to a ‎sophisticated birthday cake or a complex bread recipe. Now while it can be controlled pretty ‎easily, you might be subjected to few common mistakes when it comes to using the different ‎attachments.‎

The beater

The beater attachment is used for beating almost any mixture with normal to heavy ‎consistency. It’s the most common kitchen machine attachment, used to beat all kinds of ‎sweet and savory dishes such as a chocolate cake batter, chocolate chip cookies batter, icings ‎and even potato purée.

The dough hook

Shaped like a helix, a dough hook attachment is important if you’re preparing doughs and ‎pastries with heavy consistency. You can use it to prepare homemade doughs such as pizza ‎dough or white bread.‎

The Balloon Whisk

This attachment is a balloon shaped hook that’s consisted of wired hook used mainly to blend ‎and incorporate air during the mixing process for smooth and fluffy results. Attach it to ‎Masterchef Gourmet Pro and whip egg whites or chantilly cream until soft peaks are formed.