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24 October, 2018

Have you been using your food processor blades the wrong way? ‎

A food processor is one of the most essential appliances in the kitchen. This multi-tasking ‎appliance can prepare absolutely anything from hummus to pasta dough but sometimes we ‎tend to use it the wrong way! Here’s a roundup of the most common food processor blades ‎and how to use them correctly!‎

Chopper blade

The chopper blade also known as sabatier blade, is the standard attachment shaped like an “s” ‎in any food processor. It helps you skip the manual chopping of vegetables like parsley, mint, ‎spinach…‎

Shredding disk

The shredding disk attachment that comes with Masterchef 5000 food processor is reversible. ‎On one side, you can cheese and carrots effortlessly.‎ On the other side, you can slice potatoes and marrows for the quickest and tastiest vegetables ‎soup!‎

‎ kneading attachment

This attachment helps you create simple and complex doughs with your food processor. From ‎pasta to bread and the perfect brioche, this attachment can ease your life in so many ways ‎and soon you will be preparing your favorite carb-based treats at home every time!‎

Emulsifying disk

TThis attachment is used to prepare homemade condiments such as mayonnaise, but it also ‎whips liquid cream into chantilly!‎