19 October, 2018

‎‎‎‎These easy tips can help you prepare the perfect Brioche

Brioches have a reputation for being a handful when it comes to the mixing process. This is why ‎most of the times we tend to buy them ready-made. But what if you can prepare them at home ‎and enjoy the whole process? A kitchen machine can do an excellent job incorporating the ‎ingredients in less time and much less effort required by hand kneading. Eating afterward will ‎certainly be worth it!‎

Make sure your yeast is not old or expired

Before you start kneading, test your yeast to avoid ruining the whole recipe. For example, ‎you can pour half a cup of warm water in a bowl, then add the yeast and some sugar. Stir and ‎let sit for few minutes. If the water starts bubbling, it means your yeast has been dissolved ‎and is still good to use. ‎

Pay attention to the butter temperature

Make sure the butter is at room temperature before you use it. Otherwise, it will not ‎incorporate with the dough and you will end up with an uneven-textured bread. After you ‎mix the instant yeast and all the other ingredients in Masterchef Gourmet +, start by adding ‎the butter one tablespoon at the time until the quantity is finished. Keep beating until the ‎butter is completely absorbed.‎

Rise and refrigerate overnight then bake to perfection

An average Brioche dough should rest at least 2 ½ hours so it could rise and double in size. ‎Just keep it in your kitchen machine bowl and leave it in a warm nook until it doubles in bulk. ‎Refrigerate the dough for 7 hours at least or overnight until it’s firm so you’d be able to work ‎with it and shape it by the time you start baking. Depending on the batch, your time of ‎baking should be between 15-30 minutes or until a wooden skewer comes out clean.‎