24 October, 2018

Top 3 potato based recipes ‎

From appetizers to breakfast dishes, passing by mouthwatering main courses, there’s really ‎nothing you can’t prepare with potatoes. These loaded potato-based recipes will definitely ‎leave your family, (yourself) and your guests wanting more!‎

Potato pancakes recipe

These 35-minutes potato pancakes are the perfect dish to share as a family or even when ‎hosting a brunch. Omit the garlic if you don’t particularly enjoy its taste in the morning. And ‎what if you made your own butter at home and served it on the side just like regular ‎pancakes? Or skip the butter and replace regular potatoes with sweet potatoes especially if ‎you’re diabetic. You will love it!‎

Easy potato gratin recipe

This easy potato gratin recipe can be prepared in 10 minutes with Ultrablend + high speed ‎blender! No need for more than 25 minutes to bake this delicious cheesy dish. And instead of ‎mozzarella, you can use your favorite type of grated cheese or better yet, use a 4-cheese blend ‎for more flavors. It’s the perfect dish to serve especially when you’re welcoming unexpected ‎guests over lunch or dinner.‎

Meat-potato samosa

The ginger and curry will add a very special flavor to this meat-potato samosa. And the best ‎part is, you can prepare and have it ready in 40 minutes. Serve as an appetizer or snack with ‎your choice or ketchup or any favorite condiment.‎