13 December, 2018

Top 3 arabic sweets to serve next to tea

Afternoon gatherings are a wonderful occasion to bring friends together around a hot ‎cup of tea and delicious desserts. If you’re looking for Arabic sweets to serve next to ‎tea, take inspiration in the following easy recipes.‎

Ghoraybeh ‎

One of the easiest cookies recipes, ghraybeh is perfect to serve next to tea and ‎smells delicious thanks to the added cardamom. And if you prepare it in a kitchen ‎machine such as Masterchef Gourmet, you will save yourself a lot of kneading time ‎and you’ll have your cookies ready in 45 minutes!‎

Asabeh zeinab

Asabeh zeinab or fried semolina pastry is very popular and one of the staple ‎desserts in the Middle East. In just 35 minutes, you can prepare a crumbly yet ‎delicious dessert that is rich in anise flavors! It will melt in your mouth especially ‎when you take that sip of tea after biting in.‎


Though date maamoul cookies are low in sugar, they are loaded in flavor and make an ‎excellent accompaniment to tea. If you’re not a fan of dates and as long as you prepare ‎the maamoul dough correctly, you can always use crushed pistachios or walnuts ‎blended with some sugar and blossom water. The result is as delicious and fluffy! ‎