21 May, 2018

You don't even need to knead these pizza doughs!

When you crave a pizza and don’t feel like going through all the pizza dough kneading process, try these simple methods and cut down the kneading time to none!

No knead pizza blender dough

Just combine your dry ingredients such as the flour, yeast and salt in Ultrablend +. Add water all at once and mix for 30 seconds. No need to overmix it! Just get the ingredients combined. It should feel sticky so you’ll need to flour your hands and carefully take the dough out of the blender. Shape into a ball and place in an oiled bowl then twirl it around a bit to coat with oil. Cover with a plastic wrap and let it rise for 3 hours at least. You can then use it, refrigerate it for the next day or even freeze it for a week or more! Just take the dough 1 hour prior to using.

No knead pizza hand dough

You can easily prepare this dough without an electrical appliance. Combine the flour, yeast and salt in a large bowl. In another bowl, blend lukewarm water with some vegetable oil and whisk in the mixture until all the ingredients come together. Scrape the dough off the sides of the bowl and cover with a plastic wrap. Let the dough rise in room temperature and keep it out of direct sunlight. You can also refrigerate it for few days or freeze it until further use. Bon appetit!