24 October, 2018

How to prepare ice cream without an ice cream maker

It doesn’t take complicated and difficult instructions or expensive equipment to prepare a super ‎delicious ice cream recipe at home. All you need is your favorite flavors and basic ingredients to ‎create the perfect treat and share it with your friends and family during summer!‎

The blender method

Nothing like a blender to obtain smooth and creamy results. From pure vanilla to chocolate ‎and fruits, your options are endless. If you go for fresh fruits, blend them with ice cubes ‎using the ice crush function of your Ultrablend +. For creamier results, freeze some milk the ‎night before and add it to your fruits. This will ensure creamy and less icy results. If you go ‎for frozen fruits, just skip the ice cubes part and blend with your remaining ingredients such ‎as heavy cream and milk.‎

The food processor method

You can make the most delicious one ingredient ice cream recipe with your food processor! ‎Freeze your favorite fruits overnight. Let’s say you’re using strawberries (you can use any ‎type of fruits). Pulse well until you get a creamy and smooth consistency. Serve immediately ‎or freeze again to enjoy later.‎

The kitchen machine method

You only need condensed milk and chantilly cream for this one. Once your cream is ‎whipped in a kitchen machine, mix a scoop of it with condensed milk to make it easier to ‎fold. Gently mix both of your ingredients until you get a smooth consistency then freeze up ‎to 2 weeks. To incorporate more flavors, warm your cream mixture over low heat until you ‎start to see some steam. Remove from heat then, add your favorite fruits or flavors and let ‎the milk infuse until the mixture is at room temperature. Strain the solids and freeze your ice ‎cream from 6 hours to 2 weeks.‎