13 December, 2018

How to make bread at home with 3 recipes

How beautiful is it to have kitchen smelling like hot bread that just came out of the ‎oven? Here is a list of 3 homemade bread recipes you should definitely try and prepare ‎in 60 minutes or less with the help of your kitchen machine!‎

Pita bread recipe

Pita bread is one of the most popular side dishes in the Middle East, and it goes ‎with everything from hummus to kofta with yogurt sauce and tahini. Prepare and ‎bake this pita bread recipe using very few ingredients that are available in your ‎pantry. It only needs 50 minutes to be ready and it’s easy to prepare in your ‎Masterchef Gourmet kitchen machine!‎

White bread

Do you enjoy eating French toast in the morning alongside your coffee? And don’t ‎you think it will taste so much better if your bread was homemade? Use your ‎kitchen machine to mix only 4 ingredients and knead a mouthwatering white bread ‎dough. You can also serve it alongside stews and vegetable casseroles!‎

Cheese naans

If you are into Indian cuisine and enjoy preparing a lot of curries, cheese naans ‎must be among your favorite breads! Knead and bake this delicious bread in 20 ‎minutes and serve hot as an appetizer or side dish. ‎


Note: As much as we advise you to consume fresh bread, always keep in mind that ‎you can use stale bread to create delicious recipes as well. And never exceed the ‎required amount of bread consumption per day to stay fit and healthy!‎