19 October, 2018

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎How to make peanut butter and use it in your recipes

Let’s talk about why you should make your own peanut butter: it’s simple to make, and needs ‎one base ingredient in addition to your favorite condiments. Plus, it’s way tastier than the store ‎bought!‎

‎‎Make peanut butter yourself

There’s no exact recipe to prepare peanut butter for perfect results. In Ultrablend +, combine ‎your desired peanuts ratio with sugar, honey, salt or even chocolate spread! Blend until you ‎reach the desired consistency for smooth or crunchy results.‎

‎‎Use it in your recipes

You can include homemade peanut butter in a large variety of delicious recipes:‎

  • Combine peanut butter with oats and bananas for delicious 3-ingredient cookies.‎
  • Prepare a delicious no bake marble dessert and add extra peanut butter for denser flavors.
  • Your family will love a slice or two of date cake with banana for breakfast. Why don’t you ‎spread on some homemade peanut butter? They will love it even more!‎
  • If you’re an Asian cuisine fan, use some of your homemade peanut butter to end up with a ‎mouthwatering Pad Thai!‎
  • When you’re looking for a delicious side alongside chicken strips try a delicious spicy peanut ‎butter dip and serve over lunch, dinner, or on movie nights as a snack!‎