24 October, 2018

Quick meatless dinner recipes

If you’re not feeling like having meat for dinner, these quick and easy recipes will warm up your ‎heart and fulfill you like no other.‎

Easy falafel recipe

In 35 minutes, you can prepare a delicious chickpeas-based easy falafel recipe using a high ‎speed blender such as Ultrablend +. You can substitute half the quantity of chickpeas for ‎fava beans and even bake the falafel balls 10-15 minutes in a preheated oven at 200⁰c. Serve ‎with a side of tahini sauce and fresh vegetables.‎

Turkish lentil soup

Prepared and cooked in just 40 minutes, this turkish lentil soup recipe is fulfilling on its own ‎especially with the side of crunchy flavored croutons. And the best part is that it contains ‎absolutely no meat at all! Add more lemon juice for an extra kick of flavor. Your family ‎members will love it!‎

Quick and easy pizza

With a no knead dough prepared in just a few minutes and this easy pizza sauce that can be ‎ready in 15 minutes, you can perfect a mouthwatering pizza for dinner in no time! Add your ‎favorite vegetables such as onions, bell peppers and tomatoes. Top with olive slices and ‎grated mozzarella cheese then bake until cooked through. ‎