Veggies for kids


Want to teach them to love vegetables? No problem! It's all in the recipe and the presentation. Juices, purees, mousses, kebabs, sticks, salads, bakes and soups - there are a thousand and one ways to introduce our children to the joy of vegetables. Here are a few ideas...

For vegetable juice, simply put your veg through a juicer and mix with fresh fruit juice.  They'll love it served with a straw! 

Kids will like most vegetables if served as a puree. The first few times, mix your puree with mashed potato to get them used to the different tastes gradually.

Those with delicate palates may prefer mousses, which are lighter. Mix a (potato-free) vegetable purée with some fromage blanc or whipped cream and add a few leaves of gelatine that have been softened in water. Spoon into individual ramekins, chill in the fridge and turn out to serve. 

Raw veg kebabsare great fun! Kebabs made from raw carrot, celery, mushrooms, cauliflower, tomatoes and radishes and served with a herby fromage-blanc dip are usually a winner. Raw veg  can also be eaten as it is, served with bread and salted butter or a pinch of salt.  Perfect for radishes, fresh broad beans, carrots, artichokes  and even turnips.

Children often prefer cold soup. A gazpacho, cream of tomato or other vegetable  and even minestrone will often tempt them if served cold. Then there are salads,  mixed vegetables (raw or lightly cooked), and vegetable bakes - made, of course, with lashings of grated cheese.