13 December, 2018

Casserole recipes for quick and easy dinners

Sometimes after a long day, you just don’t feel like preparing a complicated main ‎course. But don’t you worry because nothing is easier than baking casseroles! You will ‎love this selection of delicious dishes and the best part is that you can prepare them all ‎using your food processor!‎

Baked chicken with broccoli and béchamel sauce

Nothing is easier than shredding and slicing few ingredients, and baking the whole ‎in béchamel sauce and cheddar cheese. This whole baked chicken with broccoli ‎and béchamel sauce casserole can be prepared using your Masterchef 8000 food ‎processor and you can have it ready in 35 minutes. It’s hard not to love it! ‎

Tahini kofta with potato bake

This recipe is very popular in the Middle East and has it all from vegetables such as ‎tomatoes and potatoes to meat and even dairy! A meal consisting of tahini kofta and ‎potato bake served with a refreshing salad is the perfect definition of balanced and ‎delicious flavors.‎

Ground beef and potato casserole

If you are looking for a hot comfort food to share with your family, this ground beef ‎and potato casserole is definitely a winner. All you need is ground beef and you ‎probably have the rest of the ingredients sitting in the freezer or pantry. ‎