24 October, 2018

Cake designs for birthday girl

When you are a parent, your baby girl’s birthday is always an occasion that you look forward to ‎no matter how old she is. To cherish her special day, here’s a roundup of cute cake designs you ‎can prepare in no time.‎

Simple whipped cream and sprinkles decoration

Prepare 2 sponge cakes and chantilly cream in Masterchef Gourmet kitchen machine. Once ‎cooled, place one cake on your serving plate and spread some firm whipping cream over it. ‎You can add fruits if you like. Top it with the second cake, spread the rest of your whipping ‎cream all over the cake and then add pink sprinkles.‎

Rainbow decoration

Prepare your cake and beat some buttercream frosting in your kitchen machine. Divide the ‎buttercream into 4 batches and add a dash of food coloring to each batch. Pipe the cream ‎around the edges of your cake, one color after the other. When you reach the top, pipe the ‎rest of your cream in circles and garnish with sprinkles or chocolate chips.‎

Fondant decoration

If you don’t know how to prepare fondant, you might need to check these tips to decorate a ‎cake with fondant for beginners before you start. While kneading your dough using the ‎kitchen machine, add a dash of pink food coloring to get the desired color. Cover your cake ‎with the dough, and spell happy birthday on top with some chocolate spread or leftover ‎fondant dough.‎