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19 October, 2018

‎‎‎‎‎‎5 things you didn't know your blender could do‎

Until now, you’ve been blending strawberry smoothies and fruit milkshakes. But what if you can ‎do more with this kitchen appliance? If you never knew you could prepare the following things ‎with your blender… now’s the perfect time!‎

Creamy instant pudding

Blend day old cooked rice with half the quantity of milk required in your recipe in a blender. ‎Place on the stove then add the rest of your milk. Cook according to your recipe until you get ‎the desired texture.‎

Smooth bechamel sauce

For a quicker version of béchamel pasta recipe, blend milk and dry ingredients in Ultrablend ‎‎+ before adding the whole slowly to the melting butter on the stove. Whisk until thick and ‎add to your pasta mixture.‎

Fluffy cake batter

For a tasty dessert like a carrot marble cake, start by blending wet ingredients first then add ‎dry ingredients required in your recipe. Add flour and butter at the end and blend until ‎combined.‎

‎ Flavorful spreads and condiments

You can prepare delicious homemade spreads and condiments in your blender such as ‎Muhammara or Ketchup or even Mayonnaise!‎

‎ Milk bread

Blend all ingredients required in your recipe except the flour. Whisk in the mixture slowly to ‎the flour and knead until firm. Bake to perfection and serve hot!‎