13 December, 2018

Starting food for baby at 6 months complete guide

If your baby just turned 6 months old, you should think about introducing solid foods to ‎his diet. However, some babies are not ready to eat solids at this age so you need to ‎consult your pediatrician first. That said, let’s go through some baby foods your baby ‎should eat or avoid starting month 6.‎

First purées: vegetables vs fruits

If you start feeding your baby fruits before vegetables, he will get used to the sweet ‎flavors and therefore will reject vegetable purées. For this reason, you should start by ‎introducing veggies first to your baby and include fruits later on.‎

When you introduce new vegetables to your baby, follow the 4 days’ rule and ‎introduce one veggie at the time, 4 days apart. It’s the perfect way to determine what is ‎more likely to cause allergies, pains and gas. And remember, your baby will not eat ‎more than a tablespoon of solids per meal at the start!‎

How to prepare vegetable purées?‎

As a first time meal, you can feed your baby a simple carrot or potato purée. Just ‎clean and peel your veggies, boil them in hot water and then purée them in ‎Ultrablend + until you get a smooth lump-free texture.‎

What foods should baby avoid?‎

There are certain foods your 6 months old baby isn’t ready for yet. These include ‎the following:‎

Salt: salt should not be a part of your baby because it can harm his kidneys.‎

Sugar: your baby is exploring new flavors and it’s good to start off with veggies and ‎fruits. Sugar is far from necessary and it’s better to avoid it.‎

Honey: you might think of it as an actual sweetener, but honey carries a type of ‎bacteria that your baby’s small intestine can’t cope with.‎

Nuts: your baby can’t eat nuts until 5 years old because they provoke choking ‎hazard for infants.‎