24 October, 2018

Delicious ways to use leftover chicken

If you hosted a large gathering over dinner and you end up with a pile of leftover chicken, don’t ‎throw it away! There are so many delicious possibilities to use leftover chicken in your recipes ‎and we rounded up a few.‎

Prepare a quick and easy dinner

Chicken kofta, chicken and vegetables bake, baked chicken with broccoli and béchamel ‎sauce… The list of main courses you can prepare using leftover chicken is endless! All you ‎have to do is shred or cut the chicken breasts leftovers in the food processor attachment of ‎Masterchef Grande kitchen machine and your recipe is almost half done!‎

Add some protein to your salads

Cut your chicken leftovers to chunks and add them to the iceberg, cherry tomatoes and ‎parmesan cheese for a creamy Caesar salad. You can also combine it with pasta, lettuce, corn ‎and cherry tomatoes. Toss the whole with some lemon-oil sauce and enjoy!‎

Pack into sandwiches

Toss shredded chicken leftovers in your favorite dressing and spread them on a slice of ‎bread. Add your favorite greens and vegetables such as baby spinach or lettuce and top the ‎whole with the second slice of bread. The result is very fulfilling during lunch time at work!‎