24 October, 2018

Tips & tricks to prepare the best chocolate mousse of your life!

Aside from enjoying its fluffy texture plain with red fruits on a hot summer day, you can use ‎chocolate mousse as a birthday cake filling or cupcakes frosting too! And nothing like a food ‎processor and simple tricks to ease the process. Trust us, you will end up with the creamiest ‎result!‎

Go for high quality when it comes to chocolate

Low quality chocolate is sugar loaded and is full of unhealthy fat. Plus, if your recipe calls ‎for sugar and you add the full ratio, you might end up with an over sweetened result. Thus, ‎make sure you use cocoa-loaded high quality chocolate. That way, you can balance the sugar ‎to your tasting or even use the recipe’s required ratio without worrying about over sweetening ‎your mousse.‎

Icing sugar is your best friend

If your recipe requires sugar, avoid using granulated sugar to prevent the final mousse result ‎from having any trace of the undissolved granules. Instead, go for icing sugar to create the ‎smoothest, creamiest chocolate mousse ever.‎

Do not over mix

Shred the chocolate and place it in Moulinex Masterchef Gourmet Pro. Add your ‎simmering mixture of milk, sugar and salt slowly while the kitchen machine is running. Mix ‎until combined. Add vegetable oil and vanilla then mix until ingredients are incorporated. ‎When the mixture is even, immediately stop mixing. You should be able to fold the mixture ‎easily but it shouldn’t be too liquid-textured. Cool it then fold with heavy cream until ‎blended.‎

Now that your chocolate mousse is ready, divide it between bowls or glasses and chill. ‎Before serving, garnish the top with fruits of your choice and enjoy! ‎