19 October, 2018

‎‎‎‎Follow these steps to create a beautiful number cake!‎

A new trend is inspiring the baking world and it’s called number cakes. Bloggers all over social ‎media have been sharing their exquisite and modern designs and everyone is falling in love! And ‎although they may seem hard to replicate, the process is super easy. So how to make a number ‎cake? Bookmark these tips and tricks the next time you’re hosting a birthday party or any other ‎happy event.‎

Choose the perfect crust

There are endless variations that can be made out of the general number cake but the best ‎results come out after using cookie dough.Combine your dry ingredients in a Moulinex ‎Masterchef 9000 and pulse until combined. Add wet ingredients and blend until a dough is ‎formed.‎

Chill and cut shape

When your dough is ready, divide it into 2 balls and refrigerate for 30-60 minutes. In the ‎meantime, print out your number shape and cut it out. Remove the balls from the fridge and ‎spread on parchment paper with a rolling pin until you reach the desired thickness. Place the ‎number on the dough and cut out the edges. Remove the edges delicately then freeze the ‎number shaped dough for 10 minutes. Take out and bake until golden brown depending on ‎the recipe.‎

Fill and decorate

When it comes to filling your number cake, you can choose your favorite cream such as ‎buttercream, a cream cheese based cream or pastry cream and prepare it in your kitchen ‎machine. Just fill your piping bag with the cream and start by piping small dollops on the first ‎number-shaped crust. Delicately add the second crust on top of the filling, and pipe the rest ‎of your cream in small dollops on top. Decorate with fruits, meringues, Chantilly cream or ‎edible flowers.