24 October, 2018

Make your own butter and use it in your recipes

Making butter at home is one of the culinary tasks that begin with one ingredient and end ‎with two. All you need is cream and a food processor. You can chill it and spread it over ‎bread with your favorite jam or use it for cooking and baking; The possibilities are endless!‎

Choose the right cream

Heavy cream is perfect to prepare homemade butter. Any good quality brand will do, as long ‎as it has a high fat content; heavy cream contains 40% fat and 60% milk solids and water so ‎it should be perfect for the task.‎

The secret: over-mixing

Attach the whisking blade to Masterchef 8000 food processor and pour in the heavy cream. ‎Turn on your food processor on high speed. You need the cream to break down, in other ‎means you need the solids to be separated from the liquids. It will turn into chantilly cream ‎in the middle of the process but once you’re done, you will notice that the liquid (buttermilk) ‎is set in the center of your food processor jug while the solids lay at the sides (That’s the ‎butter!)‎

Drain the liquids

Pour the content of your food processor in a strainer and squeeze out all the liquids so you ‎would end up with firm dry butter. Now that you’ve got your homemade butter, salt to taste ‎and dig in!‎