13 December, 2018

This must try ice cream recipe is ready in 2 minutes!‎

Did you ever feel like eating ice cream but never found any in the freezer? If so, it’s ‎time for you to prepare this delicious and fruity ice cream recipe. The best part? It can ‎be ready in 2 minutes without you breaking a sweat!‎

‎4 ingredients? Really?‎

Yes, you can create a yummy and creamy ice cream just by upgrading this berry ‎sorbet recipe. You only have to use 4 ingredients and your Ultrablend + high speed ‎blender. Easy right? Just add your ingredients and let your blender to all the work! ‎Skip the freezing part and move on to the next step.‎

So what’s the secret for creamy results?‎

Liquid whipping cream and sweetened condensed milk are the secret ingredients to ‎get creamy and perfect results. Add them to your berries and simply blend until ‎combined. ‎

What if I don’t like berries?‎

If you don’t like berries, you can substitute them with any other fresh or frozen fruit ‎with the same ratios. The result is super creamy and will taste way better than store ‎bought!‎


with this recipe you will end up with a soft serve yet nice and creamy ice cream. For ‎firmer results, add ice cubes to the mixture or pop it into the freezer for a couple of ‎hours.‎