Berry Sorbet Recipe


For 6 people

  • 500 g of red berries
  • 1 tin of litchis in syrup or fresh litchis (make a syrup from the litchi juice, some honey, and some sugar: reserve the pulp).


Put all ingredients into ULTRABLEND + and select the “smoothie” function.

Pour the mixture into an ice-cube tray.

When frozen, blend using the “sorbet” function.

Serve immediately, after decorating with berries!


Antioxidants, which undo the effects of free radicals (aggressive molecules which can harm our tissues), help keep our bodies healthy. A diet rich in fruit and vegetables, preferably organic, normally provides a sufficient quantity of antioxidants. But modern life increases the amount of free radicals (stress, atmospheric pollution, electromagnetic fields, unbalanced diets, processed foods,etc.). This unbalance is what is known as oxidant or oxidative stress. Eating foods rich in antioxidants, like red berries, can give our bodies a boost. Use frozen fruits (if fresh are not in season).