19 October, 2018

Is a high-speed blender worth its price?‎

There comes a time in every home cooks lives when they need to shop blenders. Some people are ‎addicted to smoothies; Some use a blender to process baby food; and then there are people who ‎are just crazy about preparing homemade sauces. Now people often ask if a high-speed blender is ‎worth the price. While it’s definitely a big investment, here are some quick reasons to justify your ‎purchase.‎

It can crush nuts

Peanut butter, almond butter or chocolate hazelnut spread can be easily prepared in a high-‎speed blender with a single click! Just add one or all of your nuts inside the blender and mix ‎until you get a creamy and smooth butter paste. Use the delicious mixture to spread on your ‎morning toasts or as a filling for homemade cakes.‎

It can prepare hot soup

The hot faction of its powerful blades allows Ultrablend + to blend your soup to perfection ‎while heating it. For example, prepare your Turkish lentils soup as usual and cool them for a ‎bit. Blend the whole until you get a smooth mixture then serve immediately on your lunch or ‎dinner table.‎

It cleans itself

Probably the coolest and best thing about this high-speed blender is that it cleans itself in 2 ‎clicks within seconds! Just fill it with water after you’re done with the cooking and set it on ‎the auto clean function. Turn it on and watch the magic happen as it cleans every single nook ‎and edge. Now it’s ready to be stored until you use it again!‎