19 October, 2018

‎‎Top 4 health benefits of avocado for your skin

In order to flaunt a resplendent skin, you need to take care of it in every way possible. Tired of ‎spending all your money on expensive beauty products? Why don’t you try to improve your skin ‎naturally with none other than Avocado? Here are some of the top benefits this delicious fruit ‎can offer, so you’d enjoy the most beautiful skin ever.‎

Smoothing out wrinkles

Did you know that Avocados can turn the clock backward? Because of its richness in vitamin C ‎& E, this tasty fruit can stimulate both collagen and elastin cells which are responsible for your ‎skin’s structure & elasticity. Include avocados in your daily diet by slicing them and adding them ‎to your favorite salads and toasts.‎

Reducing the risk of skin cancer

Exposing your skin to the sun for a long time can be harmful and an open invitation to catch ‎skin cancer. To repair your skin after sun exposure, consider blending a ripe avocado’s pulp in ‎Ultrablend +. Apply on your skin as a mask after sun exposure to reduce both cancer and skin ‎inflammation. Of course, it doesn’t act alone so you better apply sunscreen too whenever ‎you’re out in the sun!‎

Detox & cleansing

To improve your skin tone and maintain a glowing skin, include avocados in a delicious detox ‎drink. You can try our green body detox juice recipe or blend ½ a ripe avocado with water, ‎pineapple, bananas and spinach until smooth. Refreshing and delicious!

Improving facial skin complexion

Because of its richness with oleic acid, fatty acids & vitamin C, applying Avocado pulp on ‎your face can help reducing the secretion of melanin and hence, decreasing appearance of ‎your skin pigmentation. Just place a ripe avocado or two in your blender, add some honey ‎and lemon juice then mix until combined. There you have it! A natural facial mask to brighten ‎that beautiful face of yours!‎