24 October, 2018

Tips to prepare perfect halawat al jeben

Halawat al Jeben is one of the most delectable Arabic sweets among the wide selection of ‎delicious treats. And, it’s perfect to serve during holidays like Ramadan and Eid Al Adha. It’s ‎made of sweet cheese dough rolls stuffed with kashta and crowned with crushed nuts and rose ‎petal jam. Here’s how you can perfect its preparation at home!‎

Ultra fine semolina

The secret to preparing a smooth halawat al jeben dough is to use sifted super fine semolina. ‎Place the ratio of semolina requested by your recipe in a food processor such as Odacio. Pulse ‎until you get the finest texture, then sift it above the rest of your ingredients.‎

Sweet cheese

Mozarella cheese melts fast and has a much more elastic texture than any other type of cheese ‎in addition to being the sweetest. For better results, grate it with the grater attachment of ‎your food processor so the process would be quicker. For a traditional taste, go for Akkawi ‎cheese but make sure you soak and rinse it well with water to get rid of the excess salt.‎

Homemade kashta

You can always stuff your halawat al jeben with store-bought kashta, however, we all agree ‎that homemade tastes a thousand times better so follow tips and tricks to prepare the most ‎delicious clotted cream or kashta at home!‎‏ ‏