21 May, 2018

This is how you can prepare perfect homemade kashta!

While you can purchase ready-made kashta, it’s always better to prepare it from scratch. Here are some tips you can easily follow to end up with the most delicious homemade kashta.

Get rid of lumps

A smooth mixture is the secret to end up with perfect kashta. Make sure you sift the dry ingredients such as flour and powdered milk before mixing them with water and liquids. Blend the mixture in the blender attachment of Odacio food processor to get rid of all traces of lumps.

Dissolve the corn flour

Don’t use corn flour immediately in the kashta mixture as it will create lumps. Dissolve it instead in cold water and add the mixture to the rest of your ingredients.

Don’t ignore sweeteners

You will be serving kashta eventually with katayef dough and sugar syrup. However, you shouldn’t ignore aromatic ingredients such as orange blossom and rose water. Add them to your kashta mixture for delicious flavors!

Continuously stir

Once your kashta mixture is on the heat, the biggest mistake would be to leave it without stirring. Make sure you keep stirring to keep the milk from burning and sticking to the bottom of your pot.

Now your kashta mixture is ready! You can use it in recipes such as katayef and fruit tart instead of the whipped cream. Garnish with raw nuts crushed in your food processor and serve after lunch or dinner!