18 May, 2018

Benefits of dried dates during Ramadan

Dates are a very popular fruit in the Middle East and have a special place in the Islamic culture as a symbol of wealth and abundance. Here’s a roundup of health benefits that dates hold and why you should consume them every day during Ramadan.

Dates contain natural sugar

Dates are rich in Fructose, which is the healthy sugar that’s quickly converted to energy in comparison with other foods. Combine dates with soaked almonds and grated coconut in Ultrablend + and create delicious coconut date energy balls that will help you break the fast and carry on until it’s Iftar time.

Consuming dates prevents digestion disorders

Dates can be digested easily and don’t upset the stomach especially after a long day of fasting. When you eat a date, it activates the secretion of digestive enzymes preparing your stomach to receiving food. Mix dates with your favorite dried fruits, walnuts and grains in the blender for energizing sesame and date balls.

Dates protect from constipation

Because eating pattern changes during Ramadan, you might be subject to problems such as constipation. Hence, eating dates which are rich in fibers can prevent you from suffering from this problem. If you’re not a fan of eating plain dates, you can stuff them with crushed walnuts and treat yourself to a piece before Iftar.