13 December, 2018

These are the different kinds of flour

When it comes to baking with flour, the list of cakes, biscuits and cookies among other ‎desserts is nearly endless. However, we managed to list the most popular types of flour ‎for you to create mouthwatering treats!‎

All-purpose flour

If a recipe simply calls for “flour”, it means “All-purpose flour”. It’s the most versatile ‎of flours and can let you prepare textured pies and chewy white bread.‎

Rice flour

Whether it’s store bought or homemade using in a high speed blender like ‎Ultrablend +, rice flour has a coarse texture and holds the advantage of being one ‎of the gluten ‎free flour alternatives in baking.‎

Bread flour

Bread flour is the strongest of all flours. It provides the elasticity and texture you ‎need to create a better volume, chewy texture and browned crust.‎

Cake flour

Cake flour undergoes a bleaching process which weakens the gluten and alters ‎the starch from absorbing sugar and liquids to ensure a moist and tender cake.‎

Self-rising flour

Baking powder and salt are added to this flour when it’s manufactured, and it’s ‎perfect to prepare quick and easy doughs. But once the package opened, you can ‎keep this flour for 6 months’ maximum or else it will lose its effect.‎

Whole wheat flour

Whole wheat flour tends to create denser and heavier results. 1 cup of this flour ‎can be substituted for ½ a cup of all-purpose flour. To store it, you can leave it in ‎cool room temperature for 3 months and then transfer it to the freezer.‎