19 October, 2018

‎‎‎101 birthday guide: how to decorate cupcakes‎

Fancy or simple, stuffed or plain, cupcakes are the perfect companion to go alongside a birthday ‎cake. If you want to serve cupcakes that look good enough to sell, try to follow these amazingly ‎creative tips for desserts that will knock your guests off their feet. You probably have all the ‎ingredients you need so you’re halfway through!‎

Easy Classy Swirl

You can always frost your cupcakes with simple white Chantilly cream or thick and colorful ‎buttercream. And for a fancier finish, you can opt for a creamy broiled smore’s (melted ‎marshmallows) frosting. Your options are endless! You can prepare your favorite frosting in ‎Masterchef Gourmet kitchen machine and fill your piping bag with it. Decorate your ‎cupcakes with a simple swirl. Add some chocolate chips, red fruits or nuts and sprinkle some ‎cinnamon on top. Refrigerate until it’s time to serve and Voila! Your cupcakes look neater ‎and cuter than ever!

Fancy Flower design

It might look hard, but it’s actually pretty easy to realize! Prepare your favorite white frosting ‎in the kitchen machine. Add a dash of food coloring (yellow for a sunflower design for ‎example) and mix until combined. Start from the center of each chocolate cupcake and ‎slowly pipe the frosting towards the outer edge. Release pressure slightly to create a pointy ‎tip for the petal end. You can create as many layers as you like. Add a tiny bit of chocolate ‎sprinkles in the middle to create the flower center then refrigerate until it’s time to serve.‎

Fun sheep design for kids

Entertain your little guests with cute cupcakes decorated with nothing but chocolate ‎buttercream frosting and mini marshmallows! Allow your cupcakes to cool then crumble 3 of ‎them in the kitchen machine bowl. Add a tbsp of frosting and mix until combined. Shape the ‎mixture into 8 oval shaped balls to create heads and 16 tiny balls to make the ears. Let the ‎dough rest on a wax paper then refrigerate for 15 minutes. Take one of the remaining ‎cupcakes and top it with a spoonful of frosting. Add one of the heads and stick one ear on ‎each side with some frosting. Add enough mini marshmallows to cover the top of your ‎cupcake. Slice 1 mini marshmallows in half. Use a pair to make the eyes then add a small ‎drop of chocolate in the center of each eye. Repeat these steps until the quantities are ‎finished. Your kids will love it!‎