24 October, 2018

This is why you should add butter to your morning coffee

Separately, the combination of butter, oil and coffee may not look appealing for a balanced ‎breakfast. But together, they form a heart fulfilling coffee with many promises of health benefits.‎

How to prepare bulletproof coffee

Prepare your cup of coffee as usual then pour in in Ultrablend + high speed blender. Add 1 ‎tbsp of butter and 1 tbsp of coconut oil. Blend the whole until you get a smooth texture and ‎enjoy!‎

Benefits of adding butter to your coffee

‎-‎ It turns off food cravings Drinking plain coffee will lead you to get a food craving 2 hours after you drink it. Adding ‎butter to your coffee can somehow “turn off” these food cravings and you can stay fulfilled until ‎it’s time for lunch!‎

-‎ It enhances the performance of caffeine The fat contained in butter can slow down digestion. Hence, it could slow down the absorption ‎of caffeine into the bloodstream which results in a prolonged energy boost rather than the peak ‎provided by regular plain coffee.‎

‎-‎ It can replace cream and sugar Butter contains more vitamin a, d and k2 than the regular cream. It’s lower in sugar as well, so ‎you can add butter to your coffee not worrying about sacrificing the taste or texture of your ‎morning booster. ‎