19 October, 2018

‎‎‎‎‎‎Top benefits of orange for your kids

Oranges are considered as a large proportion of people’s favorite fruits. While their taste varies ‎from juicy and sweet to bitter, they make excellent snacks or even ingredients in several dishes ‎around the world. And due to the nutrients and health benefits this delicious fruit can offer, it’s ‎safe to acknowledge the importance of incorporating it into kids’ meals especially if they’re fond ‎of its taste.‎

Oranges are stocked with fibers, vitamins and minerals

While we all know that oranges are among the richest fruits in vitamin C, did you know that ‎it’s engorged with B vitamins, vitamin A, potassium and calcium? And that’s not all. Oranges ‎are also a good source of fibers which helps a lot if your kids suffer from a constipation ‎problem. Since it counts as one portion, you can slice one orange and blend it in Ultrablend + ‎with 1 cup of yogurt. Serve it to your kids as a snack!‎

Oranges reduce cold and coughing

Because of their richness in vitamin C, oranges can protect your child from secondary ‎infections that can follow up the occasional cold. And because they suffer weakness and a bit ‎of irritation when sick, they need all the energy they can get in order to recover. You can ‎simply press a cup of oranges, add a little bit of honey and a pinch of salt. It will speed up ‎your kids’ recovery and make up for all the lost nutrients.

Oranges are a source of smart carbs

An orange’s glycemic index is lower than 40. This means that unless your child is consuming ‎alarming quantities of oranges, there’s no fear of a pathological increase in sugar levels in ‎their blood. Even overweight children can still consume oranges without risking health ‎problems. When consumed in normal amounts, oranges can keep your kid’s little bodies full ‎of energy and rejuvenation. If your kids don’t particularly enjoy orange juice, you can still ‎incorporate this delicious fruit in an easy and quick dessert like orange cake. Just stay keen to ‎give them small quantities because of the high ratio of sugar used. They will love it!‎