24 October, 2018

Benefits of mustard for the human body

Available in white, brown and black varieties, mustard has been around since the ancient time. ‎It’s used by people all over the world and works perfectly well guarding the human body’s ‎health. ‎

Mustard prevents cancer

Because of its richness in myrosinase enzymes, mustard can work in preventing numerous ‎types of cancers including bladder, cervical and colon cancer. You can easily prepare mustard ‎from scratch in Ultrablend + by soaking the seeds in water and then blending them with ‎vinegar and salt. You will end up with an excellent condiment for your Mushroom Burger ‎with Cheese!‎

Mustard improves bones and teeth strength

Mustard is overloaded with magnesium, calcium, manganese and phosphorus. Thus, it ‎improves teeth health so you won’t be susceptible to pain and sensitivity and strengthens ‎bones, preventing osteoporosis. How about blending it with honey and seasoning your steak ‎before grilling? Deliciousness guaranteed!‎

Mustard aids in detoxification

If you are following a detox diet, make sure you overload it with mustard because it’s rich in ‎antioxidants and fibers. Thus, it can definitely help your body get rid of dangerous poisons ‎and toxins. Mix it with lemon juice, garlic, vinegar, honey, olive oil and seasonings to create ‎the most delicious dressing and add it to your detox salad.‎

Mustard helps you sleep at night

Since mustard is a stock house for magnesium, it contributes to improving the quality and ‎tranquility of sleep. It also regulates your metabolism, and prevents disorders like insomnia. ‎So whether you’re having chicken, beef or salmon for dinner, make sure you include this ‎delicious condiment for an extra kick of flavor and a good night sleep!‎