24 October, 2018

Top life changing baking hacks you need to know ‎

Running out of an ingredient or not owning a specific kitchen appliance are not an excuse for you ‎to stop baking. These hacks will help you save time, energy and money for an impeccable baking ‎experience every time.‎

‎“Grease the pan” with this combination!‎

Prepare your cake batter in Masterchef Gourmet + kitchen machine. Depending on your batch, ‎mix equal quantities of ghee or butter, vegetable oil and flour in a bowl. Spread a thin layer ‎over the sides and bottom of your baking pan using a pastry brush the pour in your cake ‎batter and bake. ‎

No frosting? No problem!‎

If you don’t have any ready-made frosting to decorate cupcakes, sprinkle powdered sugar ‎through a lace cloth to create a beautiful and sophisticated design.‎

Measure flour correctly

Scooping flour with the measuring cup directly from the bag can compress it and you will ‎end up with more quantity of flour than the recipe calls for. Spoon the flour and fill your cup ‎then scrape the excess quantity using a knife.‎

Color with jelly powder ‎

If you don’t have food coloring, use jelly powder to add color to your frosting. It will add a ‎very distinctive flavor to your average chantilly cream!‎

Grate your butter

Because some cookies and cake recipes call for evenly distributed butter, you can easily grate ‎butter and incorporate it in the dough. The result is exquisite every time! ‎