Moulinex HV8 PRO 7IN1

HV8 PRO 7IN1 ME687
Ultimate performance overtime 

Your powerful and versatile meat mincer for daily recipes - meatballs, bolognese, burgers, and even salads and side dishes: thanks to shredding attachments including in the set


Reference : ME687832

Super powerful and versatile!


HV8 2200W a very powerful and versatile meat mincer to prepare meatballs, kotlets, sausages and your side dishes thanks to its multi-propose shredder.   Efficiency: A powerful meat mincer that can deliver up to 4,5 kg of minced meat per minute. It processes even hard-to-mince meat thanks to its reverse position. No meat can resist it! Versatility :  Including 3 qualitative cones for more versatility : 1 for slicing, 1 for grating, and 1 for parmesan.  Easy transportation and storage : easy handling thanks to large transportation handle and cord and accessory storage 5-star durability: metal connection between motor and mincing head, self-sharpening knife, safe reverse system, French production and 10 year repairability - for long-lasting usage.

Technical specifications / comparison

Grid's hole size 62  mm
Power 2200  
Maximum meat output (kg/min) 4.5  
Grid's diameter 62  mm
Tray material Plastic  
Kebbe accessory    
Sausage accessory    
Shredding tools Stainless steel stackable cones  
Shredder's functions grating %n%%n%slicing %n%%n%parmesan  
Reverse position    
Accessories storage    
Cord Storage