Moulinex uno


Automatic cooking and keep warm setting after the rice is done

A mechanical rice cooker for your daily needs. After cooking, it keeps your meal warm automatically at the best serving temperature until it’s time to eat.

Reference : MK111E27

Uno, great at everything!

Uno is an automatic multicooker for daily use. Its automatic function allows you to spend more time with your guests or family while your food is cooking. Moreover, once cooked, your food stays hot until you serve it! Uno is also easy to clean since its bowl is non-stick. Its spoon and measuring glass means that all your dishes will turn out successful!

Technical specifications / comparison

Removable Bowl    
Power 560  W
Keep warm AUTOMATIC  
Control panel    
Bowl capacity 5  L
Cooking programs 2  
Technology Mechanical  
Visual cooking    
Removable inner lid    



Yes, they are dishwasher safe. But be careful not to damage the inside coating on the dishwasher racks when you put the elements into the machine. After having washed them several times in the dishwasher, it is recommended to wipe the whole of the inner surface of the bowl with a little oil.
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