18 May, 2018

5 rules for eating right this Ramadan

During Ramadan, combining right eating with fasting is essential for good health and persistence during the entire month. Here are 5 rules to eat right this Ramadan!

Drink water

Your water intake should not be less than 2L per day which is equivalent to 8 cups. Yet make sure you divide that intake between Iftar and Suhoor and not drink 2L all at once.

Break your fast with dates

Breaking your fast with dates ensures triggering a healthy digestive process. It prepares your body to receive Iftar food smoothly and without complications. You can either eat a plain date, a coconut date energy ball or a sesame and date ball.

Eat everything… in moderation!

Balance is the key for healthy eating during Ramadan. Make sure you include meats, vegetables, dairy products and carbs. For example, you can prepare chicken kofta in Masterchef Gourmet pro and serve it with a nice side of homemade pita bread and fattouch.

Avoid deep fried foods

It’s tempting to crave deep fried chicken strips, sambousek, spring rolls and potato chips. However, it’s better to enjoy these types of food baked instead of fried. You can even continue this eating behavior and make it as a lifestyle after the fast has passed.

Take advantage of fibers

It’s important to stock on fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber during Ramadan especially at Suhoor time. This will help you fight hunger during the day and avoid overeating at Iftar. Spinach filled fatayer are an excellent example of introducing fibers to your meals. You can also include bananas and apples in your fruit tart with whipped cream for a larger variation of nutrients. Enjoy!