21 May, 2018

Top 3 Common cupcakes fails and how to fix them

Baking cupcakes can cause you as much trouble as a double sized cake. Whether you already ended up with ruined cupcakes or you’re afraid of failing your first attempt at baking them, here’s a list of common fails you might be subject to.

Cupcakes deflated

If you throw everything in Masterchef pro kitchen machine and mix on high speed, your cupcakes will deflate. Sugar, butter flour and eggs have different consistencies so they tend to stick and create lumps. While blending at high speed can get rid of these lumps, it will fill the batter with air. To fix this, double the quantity of frosting on top of each cupcake to cover up.

Cupcakes burnt

If you leave your chocolate cupcakes too long in the oven or start baking them without proper preheating, you will definitely end up with a burnt top. If the damage is already done, trim the burnt top and edges of your cupcakes and freeze them for 10 minutes to avoid crumbling. Frost as usual with buttercream, cream cheese based cream or Chantilly cream prepared in your kitchen machine.

Cupcakes top is sticky

The sugar in your cupcakes attracts moisture which leads to sticky tops and moisture retention if you stored them in an airtight container before they’re completely cooled. To fix this problem, you can sprinkle some powdered sugar and ground cinnamon on top of each cupcake to absorb some of the moisture and decorate with red fruits.