17 May, 2018

4 suhoor habits you need to stop immediately

Eating habits during Suhoor affect the fasting performance throughout Ramadan, leading sometimes to tiredness and sickness. If you don’t want that happening to you, pay attentions to some practices you need to stop.

Eating highly sweetened food

Eating doughnuts or croissants for suhoor can give you a temporary feeling of fullness but you’ll end up hungry after 2 hours. Instead, go for a mouthwatering salad containing pineapples, strawberries, and sliced bananas. Prepare a creamy banana dressing in Odacio food processor on the side and enjoy the energy all day until Iftar.

Spicing and excessively salting food

Spicy and salty food such as jalapeno chips or beef sausages and salty nuts trigger thirst throughout the day. Prepare instead a delicious omelet and add some vegetables. Chop spinach and parsley in a food processor and add them to your eggs before cooking. You will end up with a delicious, colorful and fiber-rich meal!

Drinking caffeinated and carbonated drinks

Carbonated and caffeinated drinks cause restlessness and thirst during the day. Avoid the excess of caffeine so that you can go through an undisturbed fasting day until Iftar.

Going to sleep right after Suhoor

BSleeping right after suhoor can cause several digestive problems because your body’s working harder to digest food. Even lying for a while without actually sleeping can provoke problems such as acid reflux. Try to stay active for at least 2 hours after Suhoor then take a quick nap before heading to work or just delay it a bit till the afternoon.