24 October, 2018

Weird food processor uses you should know about

You already know that you can chop and mix in your food processor. But did you know that this ‎kitchen appliance can do a lot more? There are just some things you can prepare super easily and ‎quickly to take maximum advantage of your food processor’s power.‎


You might already know that you can prepare homemade nut butter in your food processor. ‎But did you know that you could make actual butter from scratch?! All you have to do is ‎process heavy cream in Masterchef 9000 food processor and turn it into homemade delicious ‎butter.‎

Pasta dough

Pasta tastes even better when prepared at home and from scratch. All you have to do is ‎combine flour, eggs and salt in your food processor and let it do the work. Once a dough is ‎formed, you can slice it and shape it the way you like whether you feel like preparing penne, ‎spaghetti, ravioli or tagliatelle.‎

Ice cream sorbet

There’s nothing easier than blending sugar syrup and your favorite fruits in a food processor ‎to create a delicious sorbet. Add lemon juice for an extra kick of flavor and enjoy it on a hot ‎summer day with your family and loved ones.‎