Get the Real Powerof fruits & vegetables withULTRABLEND +

Want to reveal your full potential? Its time to revitalize your energy and creativity with Ultra High speed blender. Our ULTRABLEND + does beyond blending for a perfect combination of healthy, delicious and easy

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boost your energy

Unleash the power of fruits & veggies

Unleash the power
of fruit & veggies

ULTRABLEND + means ultra-fast pulverization that unleashes the super nutrients from all your ingredients. Thanks to the Super Vortex at 460km/h & Tripl’Ax technology, it goes beyond blending, just to release the best of your food!

Get more nutrients

Get more nutrients

ULTRABLEND + completely pulverizes all your fruits & veggies, even hard & fibrous ones. It breaks the ingredient cell walls to give an ultra smooth texture, 15X thinner than a regular blender. All the nutrients released become very easy to assimilate by your metabolism. So just enjoy the healthy benefits!

Adopt a stronger, healthier way of life

Adopt a stronger, healthier way of life

With ULTRABLEND +, consuming the right portion of fruits & veggies has never been so easy. Unleash the superpowers of nature and reveal the best of yourself. With maximum energy, vitality and recovery, you can now live to the fullest!

Unleash your creativity

Experience an ultra smooth texture

Experience an ultrasmooth texture

The unique Tripl’Ax pro blades technology gives an amazing smooth & silky texture to all your fruits and veggies. Enjoy this new level of smoothness, combined with the pleasure of healthy & delicious.

Discover a great variety of recipes

Discover a great variety of recipes

Perfect smoothies, sorbets or hot soups... you have the power to prepare a wide range of delicious recipes thanks to automatic programs.

Explore more tastes

Explore more tastes

Get the best flavors out of every ingredient and unleash more aromas through hot & cold recipes.

Make your life easier

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Unleash the strength of fruits and vegetables

Get the best nutrients and fibers out of your fruits & veggies and create healthy recipes for everyone’s tastes and styles.

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see what makes Ultra High Speed Blender
so exceptional compared to a regular blender

Discover ultra tasty recipes

Are you looking to boost your creativity? Discover fresh and vibrant recipe ideas that are packed with energy and flavors. Everything you need to reveal your super you!

Ready to unleash your super you ?

Cooking function 460KM/H High speed (45 000 RPM) Tripl’Ax pro technology Jar Cold recipe programs Hot recipe programs Autoclean function Manual mode Digital screens 10 Years reparable
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