24 October, 2018

This is the secret to making the perfect maamoul dough

There’s no way you can open your oven, smell that delicious maamoul odor and not smile. ‎However, lots of problems may occur when preparing the maamoul dough. Sometimes the pieces ‎are misshaped, hard or cracked. So here are some secrets you need to bookmark for the next time ‎you prepare maamoul at home!‎

Use your Masterchef 9000 food processor to crush pistachios and/or walnuts and combine them ‎with sugar and blossom water for a delicious filling.‎

Time to prepare the dough!‎

Stick to your recipe

If a recipe such as date maamoul requires 500g of semolina, respect the ratio and follow the ‎steps accurately. And don’t add too much water to avoid ending up with misshaped ‎maamoul pieces. If you’re not convinced with a specific recipe, simply look for another one.‎

Soften the butter

You can leave the butter on room temperature until it softens. If you’re looking for quicker ‎results, make sure you melt the butter on very low heat and then leave it to rest for a while ‎before you use it. ‎

Set the oven

Preheat your oven on high at the beginning and then lower it to 180⁰c when it’s time to bake. ‎Bake for 7 minutes then store in sealed containers to preserve the crispiness. Happy baking!‎