April 10, 2018

101 Birthday Guide Tips and Tricks: Top 3 Cake Frostings

When a loved one’s birthday approaches, we always try to think of creative and delicious treats to serve and enjoy. As the star of this special occasion, the birthday cake is always handed special attention especially when it comes to what kind of frosting you should coat it with.


Whipped ‎Cream

Chantilly cream or whipped cream, whether liquid ‎or powdered, always wins when it comes to frosting cakes easily. For perfect stiffs, you can prepare it ‎in Masterchef Gourmet + kitchen machine and refrigerate it for ‎few hours before frosting your cake. For an extra kick of color, you may add some strawberry syrup ‎and blend until you get a beautiful pinkish blend.


Butter Cream

What ‎better way to frost your cake than with buttercream? Prepared with few ingredients that are available ‎in your pantry, this frosting adds a wonderful flavor to your cake. And for an extra kick, you can add ‎few drops of food coloring to your buttercream. It will give that average fruit cake a nice ‎finish.

Cream Cheese ‎Frosting

A cream cheese frosting can add ‎wonderful flavors to your birthday red velvet cake or carrot cake. And if you add few drops of red food coloring or a ‎little bit of strawberry syrup while blending in the kitchen machine, it will enhance the flavors even ‎more in addition to making your cake look prettier than ever!