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19 October, 2018

‎‎‎‎5 Life-saving hacks for your tiny kitchen

Having a small kitchen is no excuse to be disorganized. From vertical storage to insanely creative ‎hidden organizers, you can arrange your kitchen in ways you never imagined! So we gathered ‎and listed few tips to help you store each and every appliance, utensil and product in your ‎kitchen. Now you can learn how to use that limited space wisely!‎

Place shelves inside shelves

If you don’t have a pantry and feel like your kitchen cabinets are a bit high, why don’t you ‎exploit the empty space? You can fit mini shelves or simply nail a plank of wood inside your ‎cabinet. It’s the perfect way to store your Masterchef Gourmet or blender!‎

Add a fold-down kitchen table

If you lack in counter space, create your own space for chopping, resting your food ‎preparation appliances or even eating. And the best part is that when you’re done, you can ‎fold it down and make your kitchen appear larger!‎

Don’t waste empty space

When it comes to small kitchens, it’s wiser to use every single space you find while still ‎feeling comfortable and organized. Fix a pegboard on an empty wall, the side of your fridge ‎or the inside of a cabinet. That way you can hang pots and pans, bakeware and cooking ‎utensils to keep them within reach.‎

Organize cans & spices

Not owning a pantry is no excuse to leave canned food and spices around the kitchen ‎especially when your space is limited. Create an invisible sliding shelf on wheels and and ‎slide it inside the few centimeters between the fridge and the wall. Add as many shelves as ‎you need and fill it with your cans, spice holders, or even your kettle and coffee grinder.‎

Use every corner in the sink cabinet

Instead of storing small detergents bottles, sponges, brushes and gloves here and there, stick ‎mini baskets inside your sink cabinet corners. It’s the perfect way to keep them at hand reach ‎and organized in one place!‎