05 December, 2018


Simple food processor salad recipes you should try

When you feel like treating yourself to a refreshing salad but don’t feel like chopping vegetables ‎manually, a food processor is your best friend. These simple salads work perfectly well on their ‎own or as a side dish to your meals.‎


Quarter ½ a small white cabbage and ¼ a small red cabbage. Shred in Double Force food ‎processor using the shredder blade then transfer to a bowl. In your food processor, chop 2 ‎green onions and 1 carrot using the chopper blade and add to cabbage. Toss your salad with ‎mayonnaise vinegar sauce and serve.‎

Chopped feta salad

Chop 1 small lettuce heart in your food processor using the chopper blade and transfer to a ‎bowl. Repeat with 1 small red onion and add to the lettuce. Top with cherry tomatoes, ‎canned chickpeas and feta cheese crumbles. Toss with lemon oil dressing and serve ‎immediately. ‎

Cucumber salad

In your food processor using the slicing blade, slice 4 large cucumbers and transfer them to a ‎bowl. Repeat with 1 large red onion and add it to the cucumbers. Using the chopper blade, ‎chop 1 cup of fresh dill and add it to your vegetables. Serve with a vinaigrette to get the best ‎out of your salad.‎