‎3-layer dessert recipe


For 6 people

  • To prepare the 1st layer:‎
  • ‎110 g unsalted butter‎
  • ‎5 tbsp cocoa powder‎
  • ‎¼ cup sugar‎
  • ‎1 egg‎
  • ‎150 g plain biscuits, crushed
  • ‎1/3 cup almonds
  • ‎1/3 cup walnuts
  • ‎1/3 cup coconut
  • To prepare the 2nd layer:‎
  • ‎1 can (170g) heavy cream
  • ‎1 can (400g) condensed milk‎
  • ‎1 egg‎
  • ‎1 tsp vanilla‎
  • For the top:‎
  • ‎115g milk chocolate sprinkles‎
  • ‎2 tbsp unsalted butter‎


To prepare the 1st layer, combine biscuits, walnuts, almonds and coconut in ULTRABLEND +. Use the “Nuts” function to pulverize the ingredients.‎

In a bowl, combine butter, cocoa powder and sugar then mix in a bain-marie until ‎you get a smooth texture.‎

Add the egg and mix continuously until the texture thickens then remove the bowl ‎from the bain-marie.‎

Add the biscuits mixture and mix until you get a smooth mixture then pour the ‎mixture in a baking tin. Refrigerate.‎

Put all of the 2nd layer ingredients in the blender. Mix at speed 4 for 1 min until ‎combined.‎

Pour the mixture over the biscuits layer and put the baking tin in the oven at 180⁰C ‎for 30 min. Take the baking tin out of the oven and let cool in room temperature.‎

For the top, melt chocolate and butter in a bain-marie and pour the mixture over the ‎‎2nd layer.‎

Refrigerate the dessert for 3 hours until completely cooled before serving.‎