05 December, 2018

Top 4 quick and easy dinner recipes in a blender

Sometimes you’re preparing dinner for a cozy night with your family and on other nights you’re ‎welcoming unexpected guests. Either way, these 4 dinner recipes will definitely come in handy. ‎You can easily prepare them all with your blender!‎


Served with a side of tahini sauce and vegetables, this easy falafel recipe is perfect for family ‎night. All you need to do is blend chickpeas, herbs and onions in Ultrablend +. Transfer to a ‎bowl, season, shape into balls and fry them until golden. 35 minutes is all you need!‎


This easy potato gratin recipe can save you a lot of time and effort since it can be ready in 35 ‎minutes! Just blend milk, heavy cream, stock and flour in your blender until smooth. Layer ‎potato slices in the bottom of your baking dish, add the sauce and sprinkle the top with ‎cheese. Bake until golden and serve!‎


In just 15 minutes, you can create a mouthwatering easy pizza sauce recipe and spread it over ‎your store bought pizza dough. Add your favorite toppings and bake for 12-15 minutes. ‎Whether you’re serving your family or guests, everyone will fall in love with the flavors!‎

Marinara pasta

This recipe can be ready in 30 minutes’ tops! While boiling the pasta, use your blender to ‎combine meat stock, tomatoes, garlic, carrot, tomato paste and ‎oregano. Boil the mixture over ‎medium heat until it thickens. Top your boiled pasta with the sauce and sprinkle with some ‎shredded cheese.‎