21 May, 2018

Quick Qatayef dough for Ramadan last minute preparations

The secret for the best Qatayef recipe remains in the dough. If you’re a fan of this tasty dessert and can’t find any ready-made dough, rejoice! Try these tips for quick perfectly cooked dough that will taste even better than store-bought.

Avoid hot water when fermenting yeast

Hot water ruins your yeast. Use lukewarm water when fermenting the yeast for fast efficient results. If you don’t notice bubbling immediately, your yeast might be old so make sure your yeast is active. This step should take 5 minutes.

Don’t cook the batter immediately

After mixing your flour, milk, sugar and yeast mixture in your Masterchef Gourmet bowl, let the dough rest. Cover it with plastic wrap & leave aside for 45 minutes. When the mixture starts to bubble, your dough is ready to be cooked.

Don’t cook on high heat

When your pan is hot, pour the dough in small circles & immediately lower the heat to medium low. This is to avoid browning them too quickly and drying them out which will cause trouble when it’s time to seal them.

Look for bubbles

As the dough cooks, it should start to bubble around the edges and on the surface. Wait for it to cook perfectly (1-2 minutes) as you don’t want it to be runny. When the surface is no longer shiny, it means that it’s done.

Make sure the dough stays moist

As soon as your qatayef dough is done, transfer it immediately to a kitchen towel. Cover with another towel to keep the pancakes soft until it’s time to use them. It also makes it easier to seal the dough without cracking it afterwards as you stuff them.