21 May, 2018

This is how you prepare the perfect pizza pasta bake

Pizza bake is a super delicious and easy casserole that you can make at home and engorge with gooey cheese. Follow these steps to create a mouthwatering dish that will make you reconsider calling takeout tonight!

Trade pasta sauce for pizza sauce

Sure pasta sauce goes perfectly well with you know… pasta. But an extra kick of flavors brought by pizza sauce takes your casserole to a whole new level! You can prepare a delicious and easy pizza sauce in a blender at home and add it to your previously cooked pasta before proceeding with cheese and beef pepperoni.

Mix and match your favorite cheese

Why settle to one cheese flavor when you can mix 4 or more different kinds? It’s super easy to grate your favorite cheese flavors such as parmesan, mozzarella, cheddar and Swiss cheese in Masterchef 5000 and top your pizza bake before adding pepperoni.

Sneak in some vegetables

While your kids may not be fans of vegetables, you can still add some mushrooms, carrots, onions and even bell peppers in your pizza pasta bake. Chop the veggies in your food processor to save time and sauté until tender before blending with your pasta and adding your toppings.